Building Your Teen Mental Health Report Card

With Kyle, it’s more than just a necessary conversation. It’s a powerful experience.

He provides a keynote where he shares some of his most vulnerable moments as a high school student. He goes into detail about his teen experiences and what all was going on through his head that people wouldn’t know about by just looking at him. Kyle wants to help teens go from socially anxious to socially confident.

Immersive Experience

Intertwined in the keynote, Kyle provides an immersive experience for the audience (whether that is teens, staff, or parents) where he gives them the ability to interact unlike a traditional keynote. He uses innovative technology in his presentation where the audience can anonymously answer questions regarding their own mental health and anxiety without the fear of being exposed. With this technology, the audience will be able to see results in REAL TIME showing exactly what others in the room are feeling in reference to their mental health and anxiety. This is a different kind of social experiment.

Audience Participation & Action

Kyle doesn’t stop there. He also uses this software to get the audience to start taking action on their mental health and anxiety…RIGHT NOW! This allows the audience to get the ball rolling as well as see what others are saying about their plans to improve their mental health, which gets the creative juices of the audience flowing and motivates them to take initiative with their mental health even more. Now, we can take all of this learning and create an effective action plan.

Mental Health Report Card

Not only does this provide a sense of relief and a wonderful feeling of knowing they are not alone, but this will also give you a “Mental Health Report Card” for your school or organization. From there, we can take that action plan to help boost that A+ for your “Mental Health Report Card” for your entire school-wide community.

Want to learn more about getting a Mental Health Report Card for your school/organization?

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