Social Confidence Workshop

Students no longer feel lost on what they should do. They now know about the tools, have practiced them in the safe setting of the workshop, and will continue to practice them in their daily lives to see a growing population of social confident students who are constantly loving themselves more and more each day.

Peer support exposure

  • Improved social connections among students, measured through surveys and observations of increased interaction

  • Improved communication, cooperation, and conflict resolution

  • Self-reported increase in confidence when faced with social situations, as measured before and after exposure activities

  • Increases in empathy and understanding among students, fostering a more compassionate and inclusive school community

  • Development and strengthening of peer support networks, with evidence of ongoing communication and engagement among participant

  • Positive shift in school culture

  • Increase in students seeking support

  • Reduction in social anxiety symptoms

Public speaking and leadership training

  • Enhanced leadership skills

  • Effective communication and student support

  • Helping students problem solve for themselves (sometimes they just need a little push or guidance on the next step to take)

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